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Non Toxic Stain Removal

Non-Toxic Stain Removers That Really Work


Stains on clothing, walls or furniture can be difficult to remove – especially if you don’t like turning to extra-strong and environmentally unfriendly cleansers. But Melissa Maker at naturallysavvy.com tells us many of life’s most annoying stains can be safely removed with one of these five natural, non-toxic substances:

Baking soda – Because it offers gentle abrasion, a little baking soda mixed with a few drops of water is an easy way to remove scuff marks from the floor or crayon from the wall or tabletop. Dip a rag into the paste and buff out the stain in a circular motion and watch the stain disappear.

Extra virgin olive oil – The oil provides an easy way to shine up dull or streaky stainless steel or remove annoying stickers or price tags. For pots and pans, wash the finish with warm soapy water and buff dry, then pour a nickel-sized dab of oil on a paper towel and work into the steel for a smooth, polished shine. For sticker remnants, dab of bit of oil on the sticker and rub it in. Let it sit, then scrape off the sticker with a butter knife and remove the residue with soapy water and a clean cloth.

Lemons – Got dirty white socks that won’t come clean? Boil a pot of water. Halve a lemon and squeeze in all the juice. Add the socks and simmer for an hour. The acid in the lemon will brighten the socks and whiten the stubborn dirt stains. Dry the socks in the dryer or in the sun for extra whitening power.

Saliva – It may sound gross, but saliva contains enzymes that quickly break down blood stains. If you cut your finger and get a blood stain on your clothing, just spit on it, work it away with a clean cloth, and finish with a little soap and water.

Denture tablets – These powerful little cleaners can remove the crusty water rings from inside your glass vases. Put room-temp water into the vase to just over the water line, drop in a denture tablet. When it finishes fizzing, pour it out, rinse the vase, and it will look like new.

Salt- To remove red wine stains pour a mound of salt on the stain w, and let it set.  It will absorb most


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