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Is it a good time to sell your home? It's a question many homeowners are asking now. With interest rising, have all the buyers dropped out of the market? Should I spend a lot of money updating my home before I sell? If I want to sell my home now, how do I do it?

Podcast hosts, Judy Gratton and Dennis Day,  of the Edge Group Team and John L. Scott Real Estate, tackle those questions and more. This episode will give you evidence based information about today's market, not hearsay. Selling your home in any market is a complicated process, From 28 years of experience, the Edge Group Team will provide you with concrete steps to selling your home, and pitfalls to avoid.

Real Estate Magic: Get Rid of Your Stuff and Make some Money!


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Ep. 3-DOWNLOAD THE Good, bad, adventurous GUIDE

EPISODE 3 - The Good, the Bad, and the Adventurous: how to choose a home and lifestyle that fits your needs

Trailer - Getting Your Edge Podcast Trailer

EPISODE 4 - A Home Inspectors Guide to Home Maintenance

EPISODE 5 - Mortgage Interest Rates and the Real Estate Market: Yesterday, Today and 2023

EPISODE 6 -Ex-Pat or Not: Is Living Abroad Right for You?

EPISODE 4 - A Home Inspectors Guide to Home Maintenance

EPISODE 8 - When There's  Will There's a Way:  Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning 101

EPISODE 7 - Money, Money, Money: Do I Have Enough

Ep. 6-Live ABROAD Inverted Triangle Guide

Ep. 7- Money, Money, Money

Ep. 4 - Home Inspectors Guide to home Maintenance

Ep. 5-Home Buyers Window of Opportunity

EPISODE 2- 5-Year Plan to Downsizing with the 5s + How of Journalism 

EPISODE 1 - Welcome to Getting Your Edge: How to Right-size your Home and Life Podcast

Ep. 8- when there's Will There's a Way

Ep. 9- Medicare A-z

EPISODE 9 - Medicare A-Z

Ep. 10- Estate Sale Magic

EPISODE 10 - Estate Sale Magic: Get Rid of Your Stuff and Make Some Money!

EPISODE 11 - What's Up with Today's Real Estate Market?

Ep. 11- What's Up with The Market Today

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