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Ep. 1-Welcome to the getting your edge podcast

Join us for episode #20 called "Wine Wisdom: How to Rightsize Your Collection When Moving to a Smaller Home" as we uncork practical wisdom with Jim Gratton, a seasoned wine industry veteran with three decades of expertise. Discover the art of downsizing your cherished wine collection while transitioning to a cozier abode. Tune in to explore strategic sipping tips, cellar organization hacks, and sentimental selection strategies that ensure your treasured vintages find the perfect new home. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or a connoisseur, Jim's insights will help you savor every moment of this downsizing journey.

Wine Wisdom: How to Rightsize Your Collection When Moving to a Smaller Home

Ep. 2-Five year plan to downsizing

Ep. 3- Good, the bad, and adventurous 

EPISODE 3 - The Good, the Bad, and the Adventurous: how to choose a home and lifestyle that fits your needs

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EPISODE 4 - A Home Inspectors Guide to Home Maintenance

EPISODE 5 - Mortgage Interest Rates and the Real Estate Market: Yesterday, Today and 2023

EPISODE 6 -Ex-Pat or Not: Is Living Abroad Right for You?

EPISODE 8 - When There's  Will There's a Way:  Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning 101

EPISODE 7 - Money, Money, Money: Do I Have Enough

Ep. 6-E=pat or not?

Ep. 7- Money, Money, Money

Ep. 4 - Home Inspectors Guide to home Maintenance

Ep. 5-Mortgage Rates, yesterday, today, and tomorrow

EPISODE 2- 5-Year Plan to Downsizing with the 5s + How of Journalism 

EPISODE 1 - Welcome to Getting Your Edge: How to Right-size your Home and Life Podcast

Ep. 8- when there's Will There's a Way

Ep. 9- Medicare A-z

EPISODE 9 - Medicare A-Z

Ep. 10- Estate Sale Magic

EPISODE 10 - Estate Sale Magic: Get Rid of Your Stuff and Make Some Money!

EPISODE 11 - What's Up with Today's Real Estate Market?

Ep. 11- What's Up with today's real estate Market?

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EPISODE 12 - Buyers vs Sellers. Who is Winning in Today's Real Estate Market?

EPISODE 13- Give Your Money to the IRS. OR NOT! How to Use the 1031 Exchange to Beat the IRS.

Ep. 13- Give your money to the iRS. Or NOt!

EPISODE 14- Timeless Dwellings: Unraveling the Secrets of Aging in Place 

Ep. 16- Own a dream vacation home-affordably

EPISODE 15- Reverse Mortgage: Scam or Savior

EPISODE 17- Six Factors that Determine Your Home's Value

EPISODE 16- Own a Dream Vacation Home-Affordably

Ep. 18- Cost vs Value

EPISODE 18- Cost vs Value: What Home Remodel Projects Make Cent$?

Ep. 17- Six factors that determine your home's value

Ep. 15- Reverse Mortages: Savior or scam

Ep. 14- Practical Guide to aging in Place

Ep. 12- Buyers vs Sellers. Who's winning in today's market?

Ep. 20- Wine Downsizing Resources

EPISODE 20- Wine Wisdom: How to Rightsize Your Collection When Moving to a Smaller Home

EPISODE 19- Buy First or Sell First? Decoding the Dilemma of Homeownership

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