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Moving With Your Pet

  • Make sure your pet has a well fitting collar with your current mobile phone number on it.  Microchipping is also an excellent idea.
  • Does your pet get car sick?  Visit the vet for medication well in advance of any travel to help and discuss feeding  ideas. 
  • For long distance moves where you will be spending the night in hotels identify “pet friendly” hotels in advance.  Here are some links to help you find them: www.petswelcome.com or www.pet-friendly-hotels.net.
  • On the day of moving make sure your pet is secured in a crate (preferably) or a room with the door closed well in advance of the start of the move.  The noise and commotion is very upsetting and will cause your pet to become nervous. The last thing you want is for your beloved pet to dart out the door and run away!
  • Always transport small dogs, and cats in a well-ventilated pet carrier.  Always keep larger dogs on a leash.  Make sure that your animals have access to water frequently, and never leave them locked up in cars with all the windows rolled up tightly.  Do not place carrier on top of cars, or in trunks.  Do not allow dogs to ride on flat bed truck or in truck beds without being secured.  Dogs should have a safety harness when traveling just like a person attached to a seat belt to prevent them from being hurt in an accident or accidently getting loose when you open the door. 
  • For long distance moves in the car make sure they get plenty of potty breaks. 
  • Once at the new home, walk them around the house and the yard.  Place some of their favorite items somewhere in a safe room.  Make sure they are secure for the unpacking, just like you did for the packing.  Be aware of their presence around open doors for sometime until they get used to their new environment.  
  • Finally give them lots of love, attention, and walks around their new neighborhood if that applys.

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