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What is Bo-Pop?

What is Bo-Pop?

“Bo-Pop” stands for “Bothellites for People Oriented Places.”

Meet Cary Westerbeck, Founder, and Amanda Dodd Olson, Founding Member of “Bo-Pop, Bothellites for People Oriented Places.”
Cary is a Bothell architect who cares deeply about the development of our city. He founded Bo-Pop to engage Bothell residents in a conversation about building our city to support “people first” with smart spaces and development that supports our economy and environment. Amanda is a Bothell native who was one of the first members of Bo-Pop. She is raising her family here now and wants to protect the city she was raised in for her family and the future. Let them tell you all about “Bo-Pop.”

Bo-POP’s purpose is to make Bothell, Washington, a vibrant, well-planned city with a focus on people over cars.

To envision and build a compact and diverse Bothell designed around people-oriented places.

To promote land use that stimulates vibrant economies and creates sustainable, walkable communities.

Advocate for responsible land use
Educate our community on good design and the critical impacts of unplanned growth
Support community leaders in moving good projects forward
Model positive civic engagement

For more information check out the website: https://www.bopop.org/
Or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/…6404570237/

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