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Getting Your Edge:
How to Rightsize Your Home and Life  Podcast

Episode 1 - Rightsizing Doesn't Have To Be Overwhelming!  Download a PDF a take our quiz and see if it may be the right time to consider rightsizing!

episode 1

Episode 1 - Welcome to Getting Your Edge Podcast
Episode 2 - 5Ws and an H to Make a Plan!
Episode 3 - The Good, the Bad, and the Adventurous: How to Choose a Lifestyle and Home that Fits your Needs.
Episode 4 - Home Maintenance Inspectors Love

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episode 2

Episode 2  - Do You Have Loved Ones You Care About and Care About You? Then Make a Plan!  We use the 5 W's and a H of journalism to guide you to making a plan for downsizing. Download the PDF

Episode Three - The Good, the Bad, and the Adventurous: How to Choose a Home and Lifestyle that Fits your Needs


Episode 3  - You are ready to rightsize! But where do you go? In episode three, hosts Judy and Dennis share the pros and cons of different dwellings and lifestyle choices, like: the beach, desert, mountains or rural areas. You'll also learn about all types of dwellings, from Retirement community, RV, Condo, Townhome to "aging in place" and more. Don't miss this episode packed with information to help you choose the right lifestyle and home that fits all your needs and desires.  

episode 3

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